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9/19/19 Haikus

Our eyes are the One

Window into the soul: both

Human & Divine.

The timeline is fluid:

Birth & Death happen in sync,

Wrongdoings pass on

with every blink: our

eye shutters are like diamond

cutters, using time

as the material,

as the very tool to splice

each moment from &

To the next. Enter

Timelessness, make Quantum leaps ~

Dissolve all problems:


solutions birthed by Mind alone.


& separateness

are indeed quite alike ~

Sit in still awareness,

Struck by silence, washed

With truth: Slowly and deeply

instilling calm thought:

As encouraged by

the heart: deep feeling,

From the ocean’s depths.



Stride on; glide on, with

Your awareness lights tote-ly

On ~ inside & out.

Outward & inside

We see that the same message

Is waiting for us.

No matter how long,

How many lifetimes it takes,

Or mistakes made strong…

…The Soul’s Growth is on…

This story, this progress is

on: & growing strong.

Breathe & Integrate: There is no beginning nor

end to the story:

Enjoy the moment

Of this flick from exactly

Where you find yourself.


That is the Enlightenment of all time.

That is the beautiful moment

Angels hunger & thirst for: To find themselves on Earth,


Infinite light

Into a temporal, transient grid,

That is passing & not lasting.

A holographic Earth,

A holographic Sun.

A planet with rules like gravity,

Here for every one.

It’s up to you,

Do not delay:

Create the life you’ve dreamt of,

Always and forever,

Here & Now, today.

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