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The Victory of the Light (Jan '21)

Once upon a time, divinity created this wild play: in which shadows of all unique forms and kinds merged with the light of infinity. It was the most gorgeous show: Love apparently fragmented itself into a zillion bodies and manifestations, and it slowly, turbulently, and gracefully recovered itself as one glowing globe.

As shadows ran amok, exhibiting their ugliest forms, the light, underneath the surface, all along, simultaneously turned up its brilliance, and woke itself in all sleeping minds & hearts.

Slowly, turbulently, and gracefully, Love dissolved all weapons, resolved all wars, and healed all wounds and wrongdoings in divine timing.

And here we are!

Enjoying the most gorgeous light show of shadows stepping, diving, and falling back into the light from where we came.

Here we are, witnessing the most gorgeous, vibrant display of colors as Love recovers its fragments, and rejoins itself as one glowing globe.

Here we are, facilitating the healing of an entire planet; rejoining all families and obliterating all imprisonment.

Here we are, simplifying the mind & its complex functions, to amplify the power of the all-healing heart.

In the interest of the highest and greatest good of all, here we are, witnessing The Victory of the Light.

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