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Winter Haikus (2014)

Whose woods are pilin'

up with snow is overwhelmed - 

'til he finds fire -

Within?  Is that where

There's flame to set free himself

From his mind?  Himself?

Buddha taught one, two,

Three bodies -- gross, subtle, and

Very subtle: which

passes from this life

through the next: Get inside, and

fly past the coming

Five hundred cycles;

Get inside and learn Flow, learn

time - impermanence.

Sprout, ripen, rot -- our 

mothers weep with total 

Sadness -- their clinging.

Sadness; attached to 

Attaching; tied to senses:

1 2 3 4 5. 

Push mind out of daft 

Social-hunger, pride-feeding,

and needless demands:


We are animals,

the same as the snow leopard:

prrrr quack smack moo blepp...

prrrrrrrrrrr squack moo fet blepp

king got doo fine blet wong kid

frong bling lang froe wav

tip tap boom zap! ha

bla zred flack mid blappy doo

fron tim don wane Time

Emit, Do, Rage;

Rage, rage, rage, against dying-

Against nature? Why?

We die, so what? Die

Ten thousand times, so what? Stop

Crying, Dylan T:

Purr snim bling dang! [       ] calm

Ripples settle; perfectly

Flowing transience.

Guilt trip, no; Forget -

We're not here for total 

social acceptance;

(in fact)

we Are not at all.

But buddhas -- yes, forget the

gross, and the very

Subtle mind may shine

Forth to reflect in sublime 

Mirroring fashion:

   Wordless and Pristine.


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