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Here & Now's debut release in March, 2021.  

11 original tracks, an epic journey to bring you Here & Now.  

"This album is a colorful exploration of timelessness, and a prayer of presence to all.Allow this music to flood your being with clarity & purpose, bringing you deeply into your place of power: Here & Now.Thank you for casting a vote for world peace by breathing with this music, and anchoring the reality of mindful presence in humanity." ∞ H&N 1/1/21

Drum Set & Compositions - Mehtab Kirtan
Bass - Justin Peterson
Keys - Carl Kennedy
Guitar - Matty Witney
Tenor Sax - Nick Salvucci
Tenor Sax & Flute - Wills McKenna

Mastered by Andrew Fowler
Mixed & Produced by Justin Peterson & Mehtab Kirtan
Recorded by Vince Ippolito @ Swift Road Studios

PRESENCE ~ Here & Now digital album

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