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Imagine a collective that:

  • Focuses exclusively on helping creatives start and finish albums and EP’s, so you can share finished products with the world, and grow your career as a composer/producer/musician

  • Incorporates short, simple, and powerful meditations that relax, energize, and inspire you; so you can think clearly, always have creative solutions on hand, and continually access flow states

  • Empowers its members to produce and release socially-significant, emotionally-valent, and spiritually-enhancing music; so you can positively change the world with your art

  • Fosters a strong connection with Source/Higher Self/God without being dogmatic, or woo-woo; so you can believe in yourself, and feel the unseen support you always have

  • Is a network of passionate, determined, and supportive creatives; so you can be plugged into the ultra-creative, far-reaching mastermind-community that you’ve always wanted  

  • Hosts two 90-min “Collab calls” a week; so you can ask questions and get feedback from the community, and make great strides on the best works you’ve ever made

  • Takes you step-by-step through a no-fluff course that has you finishing projects faster than you ever thought possible

  • Is a genuinely fun path to starting and finishing bodies of work, so you can love life more than ever before.

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