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A Bigtime Blessing (Jan '21)

THIS is the dawning of a new age.

THIS is a brand new day

When the sun doesn't set.

It gets brighter and brighter and brighter.

The shadows slowly collapse, and fall into the light ~ over timeless centuries.

O, the colors we'll see, as the fragments repair as one. O, the colors we'll be, when we rejoin as one. Mama, we won't let you down.

Just as the outsiders see Earth, we now open our eyes as beings of this place. Welcoming her heartbeat through our feet, exhaling and exploding: we rejoice, life is sweet.

O, Dear Mother...

May I forgive myself and all my sins here on Earth, so God's got nothing to do in the afterlife. May I make her/his/their job easy-peasy by taking responsibility for my awareness. May I take ownership of my strength, and always simply act in accordance with the divine laws, and may I utilize my will to carry out your divine plan, Source.

May I heal all beings by flooding myself with breath.

May I heal all heartbreaks once and for all by being demolished and rebuilt, continually with you and by you, Source Love.

May I dip into the darkness only in accordance with your plan, and only stay as long as is destined, for my light to illuminate forgotten, and unforgiven caverns.

May I bless all broken & tortured souls, welcome them home to their true selves, and instantaneously bring an end to the cycles of addiction, poverty, and violence, if it is in accordance with your divine plan and will.

May I love my family entirely.

May I love myself continually & entirely.

May I remember my infinity.

May I grant others the experience of infinity in the flesh.

May I be a pillar of society.

May I not hide in lesser tendencies and weaknesses.

May I recognize the light everywhere, and may I use my divine discernment to lovingly parent my Self.

May I be here now, always; and may I be here now always.

Thank you for returning me home, Source.

Thank you for helping me see me. Thank you for helping me know me. Thank you for helping me find me. Thank you for helping me own me. Thank you for helping me enliven me. Thank you for helping me grant myself a fresh start with every breath.

Thank you for showing me that our lovers live in our breaths.

Infinite blessings,

Infinite love,

Infinite sadness welcomed to heaven within and above.

Sat Nam.

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