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What If...(Dec '20)

What if ~ this is a past life?

What if ~ you've mastered all your challenges already?

What if ~ you're here to remember your infinity in finite form?

What if ~ the biggest obstacles of your life make, rather than ruin your life?

What if ~ you were on the outside looking in, and you had no problem instructing yourself to surmount your daily difficulties?

What if ~ you knew there was actually no way to go wrong, and actually every way to do it right?

What if ~ people were counting on you to live your best life: free of bullying and victimhood?

What if ~ you've done this all already, and you're here to relive and re-experience the gorgeous story of your life?

Dearest Reader,

Please welcome all challenges as opportunities for growth. Please remember that your higher self has already mastered this very lifetime you're experiencing.

Please know that there's no true mistake or mis-step on this journey and path that's predestined to conclude with your Ascension. Please remember that you've already lived this life, and that it was so gorgeous, you chose to live it again.

I'm here, as your bro, flooding light in your breath, ease into your body, and joy into your heart.

Happy New Year, Mehtab Kirtan

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