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Haikus for a late friend (Mar '21)

When I awaken,

I'll be right here in these shoes.

Never doubting life.

Shedding many tears,

Left until the final chance.

Dad, Mom; I love you.

Completely forgot,

Completely forgiven all

Mis-steps & missed takes.

How else could it go?

Maybe upon the thirteenth

Try: I'll fine'ly know.

It'll be some time:

It will be the course of this

Life, when I say g'bye.


With my eyes peeled wide,

I reside in the abyss:

Always remembered.

What a belly laugh,

What a complete draft of a

Meaningful message.

Such a smile beamed,

Such divine truths we heard ring,

For forever, now.

Precious Beloved,

Undying gift to this world,

Hallowed is thy name.

Thy kingdom is here,

And yes, ev'ry single one

Is a clear mirror:

Reflecting beauty,

Reflecting dreams; reflecting

All goals gone untold

Reflecting echoes

Of archaic wonderment,

Reflecting their truth.

Awakening now,

With eyes peeled wide, deciding

To stay or not, it's fine.

If it's time, your mind

Will call you home; just please Friend,

Please, tell us goodbye.

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