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Ayahaikus (2020)

Flood my energy

Field with love for my whole self

Watch what may happen

Ripples out that change

The entire dynamic

Of relationships

I love you because

I love myself, and I feel

Fine alone: it's true!

Solamente paz

En este mundo: cuerpo

De luz es aquí.

Breath makes memory

Wrought in our bloodline - never

Forget what you speak

We spell with letters,

We spell with sounds, and therefore,

Our words make magic

It's up to us to

Use the powers of word and

Voice to change for good.

Damn not the curse-d,

Curse not the blesse-d, bring out

Light and peace with sound

Our words create our

Reality - I choose to

Fulfill destiny.

A healer, a God

Clad in street clothes, with open

Eyes, ears, arms, and mind.

Heart profoundly pumps

Peace through Gaia's body now -

You've never done wrong...

A work in progress,

Moving forward with sureness:

I will forget her.

How often shall I

Fall for women committed?

Til I've learned Respect ✊.

I heard her say, "Where

Are my boundaries?" Loud and

Clear: to our whole group.

Perhaps it was just

Discarded by them: but it's

So relevant t'Me.

Goddessdamnit -

Lanky Lyrian, soccer

Legs and athletic

Form. Profound light and

Insight to be received from

Her rage: Goddessdamn.

Fire signs are more

Than just angry all the time -

You see loyalty:

You see deep, fie-ry

Love pounding loud outside their

Chest - oh, how it's deep...

The sound of heartbeat

Vibrating waves through her feet,

I am here in awe

Drop dead gorgeous,

My eyes relax, but my soul

Jumps out of my grip.

Oh, beloved friend,

Acclaimed sister, and resolved

Comrade: now a pal,

Buddy; The love train,

The sole possibility

Of partnership's passed.

Relax, turn around,

Take my hand, and my torso,

Squeeze and hug this guy 🤗

Grandmama Aya

Showed me loud and clear who's next

In line to be loved.

Oh, sweet beloved

Stevenson...enough sadness

In adolescence

That I can flood your

Childhood with the most pure,

Heartfelt attention.

And so it's settled:

"Do you love yourself like me?

When you are alone,

"Do you feel peaceful?

Grandmother restores your sight:

Mehtab, you're endless...

"So why interact

In this off-limits space? I

Calls you brother, yeah?

"It's just that you are

Single now and you both have


"To one another's

Super-human, super-loud

And supremely fine

"Aspects which remind

The two of us about our

Own glory and light."

Brother, there is but

Only infinite glory:

Speak your truth, be free.

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