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Mama Gaia Flow (2020)

O mother, help me

Thank you for lifting my voice

Thank you for your love

O mother, I am

Sorry for ever thinking

That we are separate

Mother, I now know

The grass we stride through and stroke

Is angel's hair

O mother, I am

Desparate, I am saddened,

Knowing I hurt you.

My brothers and I

Join arms, hearts, and smiles

For world peace awaits

It is our duty

As awakening children

To join and relax

To take on stressors

And bend them into delights

There's no other way

Dear mother, let us

All be in tune with your beat

Let us beat the beasts.

Dear mother, I'm here

Accepting my highest self

And his messages

Dear mother, I broke

The dieta - I was scared.

Sugar, salt, oil...

I am sorry, my mother.

I had all the cookies in the jar.

I am sorry, my mother

I stole Dad's cigar.

I'm sorry mother,

I took out your car,

Bought beer without a card.

I'm sorry mother,

I never realized til I drank your milk-soil

I am awake of our bodies

Mother, I feel your living, breathing nature as never before.

Mother, I welcome every other as my sister or brother.

Mother, I'm ready for challenges to come - I know my body, and I know yours.

Mother, I'm here to hold space, and to rage, exactly as you please:

For I know you hear my screams as songs, just as eagle shrieks are but distant chords, strummed along father sky's strings.

Mother, I know your womb

Mother, I feel your dirt, and I know your blood.

The lucid, electric rainbows that live under your skin, in blinding light.

Dear mother, let me gather my friends, and may we, as your children, join to amplify your vibe.


Mother, you are so astonishingly gorgeous.

Your towering forests, vast deserts, profound canyons...

O mother, your waters are so pure. O mother, your fruits are so fertile.

O mother, as I rest my hands on my chest, relax, and declare, "I am enough," I speak your truth.

O Dear Mother,

Thank you for life.

May I always serve you as I work and play.

May I treat my body and mind right every day,

So I may fulfill your destiny.

You are enlightened, Earth, I know it in your soil and your vastly tall trees, your pristine flowing streams.

O mother, that core of yours that incinerates all: Your radical fires of transformation.

I gaze into your womb, hypnotized and terrified - I admire your power.

Dirt, earth, brand new birth -

A new humanity that starts with me.

I see with one eye

For 'tis your very womb

The juicy portal of birth

Piercing, fiercely ferocious roar from within

Don't even get me started on Leo-ma.

Leo ma. Oh my oh me

My three eyes lit as can be

I saw your heart and your lanky body roaring

You slink around the edge of the flame

Just the same as your twisted shepherds staff

Leo ma, you've got a heart soaring for good, and a body holding fear back,

Just so it can grow

Just so you can lovingly raise this child in your chest: Your burning heart transforming shadows into light.

You know, timelessness robs us of the journeys we're here to womanifest. The journeys we're here to witness with laughs, tears, and screams.

Infinite radiance, profound prosperity, I admire your garden and melt in your arms ~ thank you God.

Father-Mother God

Thank you for hearing my thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Father-Mother God,

My infinite heart witnesses my ego's finite torn-ness: and so I witness my greater incoming wholeness.

Oh my dear goodness gracious my oh me.

Profound window of lucidity, light of clarity in your face. Magnetic eyes of global wellness. My feels be gone to the globe, as I peer past your ribbed cage.

Black, red orange translucent magnetism: Ayahuasca lives in the void within your spirit, and surrounding the womb in your ribbed cage. O my sister.

O my sister. I will dream of you, and your beautiful ferocious love.

I will dream of you and your divine lion eyes, and not deny the love I have for you.

The love that lives in me is the love that lives in you. Let us amplify it in the most honorable and perfect way.

Loyalty and honor are your ways.

The love living in you is the love living in me.

O mama mama, thank you for your infinite forms, all my sisters, and my life.

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