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Saraswati Haikus ('20)

Silence moves my pen Across this page Here & Now Deep profound stillness

I can always nix, Or subtract words we don’t need, but for now, they stay.

O Saraswati, I honor, respect, & bow To your holiness.

Sacredness pulses from your enormous heart beats, & from your step’n feet.

Crystalline clearness, Crystalline lucidity, Crystalline am I,

And we are the same Breath, source, and force - spiraling Prophetic light codes.

Saraswati-Ma, My spine’s an electrified ladder - nerves sparking

& transmitting light codes throughout my system, and between all beings

I do melt, O Ma, I bow & revere to how sincere your statements

Sit ~ Simmer in still air, space that’s never dead - Wah! Archaic times now

Exploding, & now exploring a brand new time In which we are one.


We are sacred, we cross boundaries in space & time, O, Saraswati.

Forgiveness is here & it doesn’t steer our line of focus away ~

Deeper & deeper into the now we stay, Where infinite know-

Ledge offers new tiers for us to climb and ascend - What a trip it is

Indeed for us to Progress & grow throughout time. May we recognize

Our true nature and always know that even when we’re triggered it’s all

Part of this magic, Fantastic fantasy, O, But we’re real…& How…


Colors explode to bring you wide awake, for now — Once again, what a

Trip! What a time! I’m Sublimely Divine, and there’s No going back - just

Deeper & Deeper into each of our times and so profoundly deep

Into each of our feelings. Don’t you see that we are divinity?

That there’s a whole hu- man race that’s hurt, from confused leadership? We are

Indeed all just try’n to make the world the best place possible — given

Our conditions & our upbringings, & our past life knowledge bases:

Given our long-time conditioning, and I mean Generations ago,

We are confused ‘bout How to bring the divine down into hell realms - not

That Earth is Hell, nor that Earth is Heaven, just like a caterpillar

Is not a cacoon, nor a butterfly; you see where I’m going? ‘Course!


You see everything. and I am tempted to give my heart, prowess, light

Personality, Joy, uniqueness, and shadows (!) all away to the

Scene of your truly Calming & beautiful place - I see a garden

So saturated with vividness, I hear your heart singing as your

Eyes soar with nour'shing Tears, the salty applause from our ancestors passed.

O, Divine Goddess, Titanic, 80 foot tall Source embodiment:

Never shall I dis- grace the sacredness of who you are, & the space

You hold - Oh, Divine Saraswati-Ma, I’m dumb- founded in these thoughts

& this profound realm of imagination, I identify as

the one healer who can totally repair all Hurt: What else would we

Ever do in this light-bearing age of giving? Imagine how lit-

up Source is in the sight of their own creation Taking a life, and

Radically re- defining what it means to be a human.


Source is completely Enjoying the celestial return of all their

Children & cosmic creations. Where we go next? Another Earth-like

Plane, but far from Here. We are Source Energy Here Incarnate to breathe

Profound, spell-binding, breath-taking breaths of life ‘towards all forms, & to join

Humans together in peace & unity, and harmony, like we’ve

Always said, O Jot... This riff is the realest deal. There’s no turning back —

It’s just time to shoot our spines up to the stars - and gaze at how our lives

are these fantastic story books — I accept that I can see clearly.


I accept that I am me — I accept that Source has placed me here with

a prophecy to fulfill, and a legacy to birth on the earth.

To be dissolved, and returned to Source, for sure. I

Don’t have a need for humans nor plants nor creatures to remember my

Name. I am here to carry out all that source loves & wishes for all

Their creations to feel, and experience: O, Heartbreak and Joy: I

Accept that God lives in me, & it’s up to God & me to restore

Wholeness, Holiness, Peace, Harmony, Blinding Love & Lucidity.

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