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Sophia Haikus (2020)

Sophia Gaia,

O Mama, I realize

I’ve never left Here.

But the mind, who can

Dream of anything at all

Can distract from Now.

You: Mama, I am

Infinitely grateful to

Be returned: Fetal

Dreams, Immediate

Realities conceived and

Birthed. Forget his tale;

Herstory is now: I can’t wait to be Here Now,

Maroon Velvet Void.

Alive as can be,

I experience my true

Identity: Breath.

I is one, is eye.

She foresaw this in the sixth

Dimension, Chakra.

Sophia Mama, I weep uncontrollably

Whenever I’m Here.


Bloom & expand

Your tears are explosions.


Are birthed & destroyed:

Cosmic receptors

Take care of it all.

Cosmic Receptors.

The dragons: They eat it all ~

They love our drama.

Dragons feed on

What brings us down:

Find your way

Elevating all.

Everybody has their

Preferred medicines, & we

Can train ourselves well.

We can train ourselves

To love the experience

Of discomfort: It’s

The momentary

Dip before we spring up high!

O, challenges, come ~

Come, come on in:

You are welcome,

You make us better;

You strengthen.

You decompose

The rotted


You, like Dragons & Demons,

Thrive on abstractions of Light:

Light masquerading in horrendous forms,

Hardly recognizable as Life Herself.

I welcome you in,

I let you decompose & strengthen me.

I let you decompose & empower,

Doing Sophia’s work.

O, My Mother,

Colossal Silence,

Resounds in the maroon chamber

Of your womb.

O, My Mother,

My heart’s ignited,

& I have the ability

To entirely wash out & recognize

My Self.

Truth & honor are good & great,

Love is absolutely the highest:

Love is absolutely the highest:

Truth & honor are good & great.

O, Beloved Mama Gaia,

Maroon temples sing:

My nose drips, my heart soars.

O Sophia Mama Gaia,

Glorious celebrations ~

Beings in white, flowers & doves abound.

I’m chilled,

Broken & busted,

Stronger than ever before.

I know I got it in me

To set the world ablaze.

If it’s my desire,

It must also be your desire, Mama.

Thank you for having me a part of your dream.

Thank you for making me exactly as you’ve made me. 9/30/91.

I will make you proud, Mom.

I will absolutely make beautiful art.

I will stay in tune with you

& in the darkest times

Dig in deeper to explose

The deepest lights that

May be hidden.

O, Sophia Mama Gaia,

I have great glory &

Glee in every one of my cells.

O Sophia Mama,

I have recorded the triumphant

Salvation of all lost souls &

Their causes.

O Mama Gaia Sophia,

I see in every molecule

& particle of your dream here,

Lucid windows into eternal salvation.

Let your breath emit calmness,

Let your heart beat peace

Into the molecules & particles

That surround your energy field.

I am Here.

I am in peace, resting for good.

Welcome to the afterlife, Mehtab.

I can focus with laser-like precision

That cars explode, cities implode,

& peace sighs with a smile.

O great glory & glee,

Hail to the sun & moon:

Our Mother & Father.

Hail to the Sun & Moon:

Our Mother & Father.


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