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Summer Haikus (2013)

Maroon Velvet Void

Maroon velvet void 

Lavender tongues weave in time 

Fear is dissolved : sugar

Maroon velvet void

Lavender tongues weave in time 

Calm languidity

Maroon velvet void 

Chasing no longer, but found 

Lavender tongues melt.

Maroon velvet void 

She is as sun is blanket 

Coarse lavender corpse

Coarse lavender corpse 

She is as forgot as keys 

Maroon velvet void

Coarse lavender corpse 

Real as unicorns: Bodies. 

Tongues weave infinite.

Rising Flow Return --

Klimt's rising women 

Deliberate color paths 

Wake up, sunshine

Klimt's morning women 

Stretch universes out arms 

Eyes forever closed

Wake up, rising friend 

Take time, stretch time, wake another

 - Lavender void NOW

For Getting, Forget  --

Sapphire blankets 

Jewels illumine as sweet tunes 

Rest wake rest wake rest

Rest wake rest wake rest 

Wake rest wake rest wake rest wake 

Rest wake rest wake rest

Now, then, now, to come 

Then, then, then, now, now, to come, 

NO - infinity

Forget fourteen times 

Forget infinity now 

Forget infancy

Porcelain smudges 

Pristine eraser marks left;


AutumnSummerSway --

Autumn in summer 

I've dug my tree canopy 

Motionless swaying

Clouds cool mad summer

My DNA's got England, 

Says Matt Ulery

I chase the words for 

The campfire joy i dig 

In the clouds - dusk breeze.

Autumn in summer 

My heart beams with campfire 

Clouds roasting -- plush fluff

Autumn in summer 

Cicada campfires glow 

Cigarettes, charcoal

Autumn in summer 

Fire crackles in the sky 

Hearts beam as lungs drag

Autumn in summer 

Smoke clouds fireglow beneath:

Within -- yes, with time.

Money is Paper --

To shed? Now? no - 

'Twould be out of fear and 'twould 

Feed the growth of green greed

Sticks spark - campfire 

Do you remember freedom? 

Money is paper. 

Ante up - all in

I'll wager freedom season:

Toss in the dollars

Money is paper,

Paper only - forget 

Them, Remember freedom

Happy is to Follow Flow --

I bleed and blend each 

Theme, motif; haiku is not - 

Flow is all there is.

We need not a thing 

Other than happiness - see, 

We are free flowing

Twenty thirteen I 

Let go and I flow and I

Let go and I flow

I let go and I 

Flow and I let go and 

I flow and I let go

Empty As Can Be -- 

"Nothing is real," 

She tells me - 

And then dissolves

What is flowing now 

Is all there ever is now- 

Is now is now all

Once you forget all 

Nothing becomes all - and all 

Is nothing - empty.

Autumn in summer 

I've lost my keys but found IT!

I forget and bloom

As I forget, I bloom - 

Continually, slowly - 

As always, I've been.

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